Hey Everyone , Thanks for all of your support in 2022 ! it's been a great year in spite of all the challenges and we look forward to rocking with you in 2022 ! this week we will be at the Spear Fish , Mcgrath's the Ugly Grouper and Wicked Cantina Friday ,Saturday and Sunday 12 till 4 I've also included a copy of this week's blog . ENLIGHTEN GROOVE VIBE ! Love Michael and Angel ​ DIVINE DESIGN The Greek philosopher Plato said that every person on this planet has a purpose only they could fulfill . Plato said this Divine Design is something stored in what is called the super conscious or the 'God mind' also known as the realm of perfect ideas .Most of us see this Design flashed before our conscious mind at times but we think it is a unattainable ideal , too good to be true . In reality this your destiny or your true destination . Joe Strummer of the Clash had a saying "the Future is unwritten" , another way of explaining the Divine design . John Lennon wrote Imagine and talked of the power we have . We have read in some older philosophy books that the imagination can be used as the scissors of life ,you can cut out or paste in anything you like . Einstein said it was more important than knowledge . What images have been passing before your eyes lately ? what thought has made you feel Excited and motivated that you've dismissed as "to good to be"true or unattainable ?

"remember "the Future is unwritten"


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