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Zep Tepi  Sun is comprised of Michael and Angel Mac ,

They have been playing the gulf coast circuit since 2017 , releasing there debut album in 2020 . Their music  is a blend of Rock , Blues , Reggae and Soul mixed with 3 chords and the truth .  In this ever changing world they have committed to making music that inspires and challenges listeners to think for themselves , carve there own path and make the world a better place . Michael toured early in his music career as a artist for Mercury records and his band had a music show for kids on the Fox network . He has

written , recorded and performed live with members of the Allman Brothers Band as well as Dickey Betts Great Southern . He has shared the stage with countless legendary artist such as Lucky Peterson , Mose Vincent  and Dangerous Dan Toler as well as opening for numerous national acts . When Angel was asked what the bands mission was her words would say it best "we want to make music people enjoy that also inspires them and makes a difference in their life' . They are currently recording their sophomore effort

with Jim Morris ( Trans Siberian Orchestra , Seven Mary three , Destiny's Child  producer / engineer ) in Tampa FL and this winter in Nashville with another  legendary producer  as well as starting a  new thought information network which is interwoven with their music .







Booking: 941-224-0617


PR: That Girl Pr, Sarah Brookstone


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